Tellico 0.13pre1 Released

I’ve managed to get everything working for a pre-release of Tellico 0.13, pre-release 1. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, the docs are not updated, and it may cause your dog to die, but if you’re willing to try bleeding-edge stuff, go ahead. When you find problems, please let me know.

Here’s a short list of additions and updates:

  • All references to bookcase have been removed. That is to say, the root element in the XML file is now tellico. The top-level file in the zip file format is now tellico.xml, and all the stylesheets have been renamed to include tellico in their name. The default file extension is now .tc. This is major.
  • The printing and HTML export stylesheets were updated. The major bug was that, when grouped, entries not in any group were ignored in the output. Fixing that required some rearranging of the stylesheet which slowed it down somewhat, but it’s easier to understand (for me) and a bit more robust. Any custom stylesheets will have to be updated.
  • The Internet Movie Database can now be searched for movies (I think).
  • Any USMARC-compliant z39.50 server may be searched. The yaz library is required.
  • The cdparanoia dependency was removed, in favor of an internal copy of cd-discid.
  • An importer for the RIS format was added.

Since the file format changed in this version, older versions of Tellico will not open files saved by this version! You should backup your data files often! As always, there is no guarantee – this is a hobby of mine, and a hobby only.