Tellico 0.13 Released

I get a bit nervous when I announce a release. I’ve had problems before with forgetting to remove some ugly debugging code or failing to properly package some files, and that’s a pain. But, anyways, Tellico 0.13 is available.

Changes since version 0.12 include:

  • All references to bookcase have been removed. That is to say, the root element in the XML file is now tellico. The top-level file in the zip file format is now tellico.xml, and all the stylesheets have been renamed to include tellico in their name. The default file extension is now .tc.
  • The printing and HTML export stylesheets were updated. The major bug was that, when grouped, entries not in any group were ignored in the output. Fixing that required some rearranging of the stylesheet which slowed it down somewhat, but it’s easier to understand (for me) and a bit more robust. Any custom stylesheets will have to be updated.
  • The Internet Movie Database can now be searched for videos.
  • Any USMARC-compliant z39.50 server may be searched. The yaz library is required.
  • The cdparanoia dependency was removed, in favor of an internal copy of cd-discid.
  • An importer for the RIS format was added.
  • New icons were added from Virginie Quesnay.
  • The ISBN search can load a list of ISBN values from a text file.
  • Command-line options for importing bibtex, MODS, and RIS files were added.
  • The rating field now uses star icons.
  • Sorting works correctly for titles that begin with an article followed by an apostrophe. The article must include the apostrophe in the article configuration.
  • URL fields may include a relative URL, to be interpreted relative to the data file location.
  • The lyxpipe entry citation will now auto-generate a bibtex key, if none exists for an entry.

As always, there’s no guarantee for anything with Tellico. I like it, I use it, I code it and it seems to work well enough, but who knows, I’m no programmer. You’re welcome to use it as well, but please backup any data you care about and keep your dogs away from licorice.

Tellico is an KDE application for organizing your collections. It provides default templates for books, bibliographies, videos, music, coins, stamps, trading cards, comic books, and wines.