SuSE doesn't let you configure your CDDB profile for KDE

Tellico can import metadata about a CD by generating a disc profile and querying a CDDB server. To do this, it uses KDE’s KCDDB library. Unfortunately, using this library appears to be a rare thing. In fact, Tellico is the only app in Fedora to link against

OpenSUSE thinks you shouldn’t be able to edit or even see your CDDB settings. Check out the ping-pong in
bug 254175. Simply insane. When NoDisplay=true is set, then you can’t even run

kcmshell libkcddb

So since I’ll probably forget this in the future, and SuSE will push an update that overwrites my setting, I’m bloggin about it. First, edit
to fix the NoDisplay setting. Then rerun kbuildsycoca.