Song lists from the Man himself

Mark Adler emailed me at work yesterday, saying he’d seen my list of wake-up songs for Spirit, and gave me some more info on what he’d been playing. I have to say that was real nice of him. I guess he doesn’t mind my posting the list, which sometimes comes from comments from people at work, or what I see in news stories.

Also, in one of the JPL cafeterias yesterday a big long poster of one of the the Martian landscape PanCam images, probably 25 feet (8 m :D) long, was put up, along with one of the 3-D stereoscopic images, with plenty of the paper glasses taped to the bottom. Before long, lots of folks were wandering over and putting them. Watching people turn their heads, trying to focus in on rocks, was rather amusing. Great idea for whoever thought to put up the poster in the cafeteria. It certainly reinforces the teamwork bond.