Some New Music

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I’ve gotten a couple of new albums in the last few weeks.
More & More
from Biscaye is a really nice worship album. Deeper Still and You Died For Me have some amazing melodies and lyrics, very heartfelt and true. I’ve had this CD playing in my car quite a bit.

On the other hand, I also got Emmy Rossum’s new album, Inside Out, and I tired of it quickly. My sister recommended it, and at first glance, I really liked it. But all the songs run together after a while. They have the same synthesized feel to them, with an ethereal-like resonance, with nothing to make anything of them really stand out. The cover image is rather nice, though, totally a different look than I have for her in my mind after seeing The Phantom of the Opera.

So, the time changed in the US this morning. And I completely forgot. So I could have stayed in bed longer, I suppose, though it’s nice to suddenly discover I have an extra hour this morning.