Run or Represent – Political Insanity

Any other job in America, if you had an absentee rate of over 10%, you’d immediately be fired. Seriously, think about that. It means that if you’re working a 5-day week, you just decide not to go to work once every two weeks. Would your boss like that?

  • John McCain has missed 218 votes (53.3%)
  • Joseph Biden has missed 146 votes (35.7%)
  • Christopher Dodd has missed 140 votes (34.2%)
  • Barack Obama has missed 139 votes (34.0%)
  • Sam Brownback has missed 134 votes (32.8%)
  • Duncan Hunter has missed 321 votes (28.8%)
  • Tom Tancredo has missed 311 votes (28.0%)
  • Ron Paul has missed 276 votes (24.8%)
  • Hillary Clinton has missed 76 votes (18.6%)
  • Dennis Kucinich has missed 126 votes (11.3%)

I saw those statistics on the Evangelical Output, which got them from a Washington Post compilation.

And this chart, saying that the so-called “moderator” of the Democratic Debate this week talked more than 5 of the 7 candidates on the stage? That’s just ridiculous.