Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

Filming for the pilot episode of the TV show, Beyond, set at a pseudo-JPL, took place at CalPoly this weekend.

I think the filming was mentioned in the April 11 edition of the paper. Since the small note on the home page will likely expire in a couple of days, I’ll copy most of the note:

rocket propulsion lab

A prop covers the Voohis Park sign on Saturday and Sunday during the filming of the pilot episode for “Beyond,”a new sci-fi TV show on Fox. The fourth floor of the CLA building, the inside of the engineering building and several streets around campus were used as locations…

Just as Numb3rs takes place at the fictional Southern California technical university (CalSci), it appears from the photo that JPL gets renamed the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory. Actually, that’s probably a better name, considering that it’s been several decades since we actually did any jet propulsion…