Opportunity's egress and Spirit's recovery

I was out of blogland for the weekend. Susan has a great series on Opportunity’s egress. She and Asa both catch the first mention I’ve seen of Opportunity getting her own wake-up songs. Sol 7 began with Born to Run from Bruce Springsteen.

Spirit has recovered from her memory problems and will probably begin her science work again today.

And finally, more Mars humor, via Spacecraft:

The new operation, code-named “Opportunity,” was designed to divide the Martian resistance by space-dropping a mechanized unit some 6,600 miles away from the original beachhead at Gusev Crater. According to US officials, the second landing has encountered “minimal resistance.”

The initial operation, codenamed “Spirit,” had become bogged down Wednesday when the invasion force lost contact with the US command center in Pasadena, California – sparking comparisons to Vietnam and criticism that the invasion had become a “quagmire.”