Mark Zuckerberg missed the point

Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the Facebook Beacon program now has a global opt-out option. Too little, too late, in my opinion. Especially since he only mentioned it on a blog post, and doesn’t place a mention of it on any user’s profile page. Bleh.

And he really misses the point. Users point out that
“It does not explicitly state that Facebook will stop collecting the information transmitted from third party sites.”. More precisely,

Facebook user Tom Hessman added that Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook will still be receiving data from partner sites whether users opt out or not. “From the sound of it, everything still works as is, except that on the Facebook end you can opt to never have [information about activities on other sites] publish. And if you do, supposedly they purge the data. But with the way Beacon works, the data could still very well exist in Facebook’s standard Web server logs … do they purge those too?”

Exactly! Why is Facebook still receiving information about their users, heck, even people who are not users? They just don’t get it.

Technosailer still thinks Facebook and its partner companies are likely to get sued. They have a Firefox extension specifically for blocking Facebook Beacon and telling you that it’s doing so.

Boycott the companies who are partnering with Facebook to invade your privacy!