Love and Thunder

I’ve been listening for the past week or so to the new album from Andrew Peterson called Love and Thunder. I really like it. I saw Andrew Peterson play in Boston several years ago, and really liked his down-home-ness, his clear faith, and the fun he seemed to have while playing. I actually recommended him to my brother who subsequently pulled him in to play one summer at Camp Westminster.

Andrew peterson often gets compared with Rich Mullins, which is both a service and a disservice. On the one hand, Mullins was an extremely gifted song-writer and singer, and to be compared to him is quite the compliment. On the other hand, Andrew Peterson shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into only being what Rich Mullins was. In his own way, he’s much more.

My favorite song on Love and Thunder is High Noon which has a dusty, Western feel to it, a showdown between good and evil. (Unfortunately, I can’t find the lyrics online to link to them) In second place is After The Last Tear Falls, which is a slower, more thoughtful song. On the whole, so far, I like Love and Thunder better than Clear to Venus but less than Carried Along.