Gérez vos collections

The January/February 2007 issue of Linux Pratique, a french-language Linux magazine, featured a review of Tellico. Since French is the only other language I can pretend to read, I asked if someone on the email list could send me a copy. Patrick Guignot was kind enough to do so. Gérez vos collections les plus diverses avec Tellico 1.2 is a pretty nice run-through of what Tellico can do. It mentions data entry and custom collections, searching Internet sources (even how to remove the Amazon link field), importing and exporting, and generating reports.

These kind of reviews are always so cool to read. I show them to my friends, even though most of them have no idea what Linux is, much less KDE. And since they know I’m a geek and “play” on computers as a hobby, they just sorta nod their heads and humor me. But they enjoy seeing my enjoyment, to be sure.