Glimpse of Tellico on KDE4

Last night, I finally got the KDE4 port of Tellico to compile and run. There are a few things that have been disabled until I figure out the KDE4 equivalents, but the last couple of months work has paid off. Like most everyone else who ported their application, the first run basically shows misplaced menus, icons, overlapping text, etc. But here it is…


It runs very slowly so I suspect I have a bad loop somewhere, or a hung job, or something. But at least, it’s a start. I can actually test-run it and figure out what’s going on.

Developing on it has been different since I can’t figure out how to get KDevelop3 to do what I want in the KDE4 build approach (separate build-dir, using cmake, etc.). Mostly, it’s been kate.

The work is going on in the Tellico SVN trunk.