Democratic referrer spam

Not only are Dean and Sharpton using blog referrer spamming, but I also have referrer entries for John Kerry, Richard Gephardt, Dennis Kucinich, Wesley Clark, and the Democratic National Committee. The DNC has more than any of the others, actually. What idiots. Then again, there’s some moronic company called StarProse, too. They’re all idiots. Carol Mosely-Braun should feel left out.

And yes, I do recognize the possibility that others are “framing” these people. That doesn’t reduce the number of idiots, just transfers the title.

Update: Oh, I just noticed that Neil Turner did some sleuthing and found that StarProse is doing it all, on behalf of the candidates. Apparently, none of the Democratic candidates are ‘fessing up to the crime, so it appears that it was uninvited “help” from StarProse. Maybe I can help kill StarProse’s Google ranking just by this post, and just for kicks, let’s stick in more words like idiots, morons, and imbeciles.

So my apologies to the nine dwarfs.