The Motley Fool has an article about the DFDIC deal with IndyMac loanholders..

But no, I won’t qualify for this help, and you probably won’t either. In order to get help from the FDIC — help that as taxpayers, you and I are paying for — two things have to be true:

  • Borrowers have to have overextended themselves on their mortgage loans, most likely by either pulling out too much of their equity via refinancing or by getting burned by an adjustable-rate mortgage.
  • The bank where the loan was taken has to have been so badly mismanaged that it gets taken over by the FDIC.

Yep. I’ll admit to thinking that myself. How come I never get benefits from making bad decisions?

But there’s certainly an element of “help your neighbor” sort of thing. The rest of the economy, which I do benefit from, will benefit from having homeowners (wait, you can’t call them homeowners since they owe more than the house is worth…) who can’t pay their loans get supported by government money.

I just have to remind myself of that. Often remind myself of that.Rewarding bad behavior is not a habit I want to see my government get into the habit of doing.