Changes in Bookcase 0.6

I’ve been working on the next version of Bookcase, which should be 0.6. I’ve made some pretty good progress – quick and advanced view filtering, multiple-book editing, keyboard accels, and, I think, customizable fields.

That last part is tricky. I have several different type of fields – simple text, list, checkbox, year, and I added paragraph and URL. I’m not quite sure what to do with the document file, though. If I write the XML in the file using the customizable titles, then that pretty much throws the DTD file out the window. I don’t really mind that, it was an after-thought in the first place. Or, I could write the data as something like
<custom title="My Field">My Value<custom>
but then the XSLT gets tricky, especially if things like i18n get in the way. Hmmm, what to do…

And I’m struggling with the kio_z3950r part of things. I can’t get the GUI right, and the error-handling isn’t working right. Since I’ve got so much else done, I may go ahead, again, and just release the next version without the online data retrieval. Dang it… I’m just ignorant when it comes to coding anyways…I look through the Bookcase source and feel ashamed at the stupid tricks I do to get things to work. Elegant it ain’t.

So anyways, Bookcase 0.6 should be out in a week or so…