California Voting

I was bored this morning and my “read these” stack of books was low, so I took the California Voter Information Guide with me on the bus to work. There are 7 propositions included among the political party candidates and statements. Some of the numbers are incredible.

Proposition 46 is a $2.1 billion bond for housing and emergency shelters. Proposition 47 is a $13.05 billion bond for public education facilities. Just the fact that the support argument uses more SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS than your average AOL user turns me off, not to mention the added state debt. It appears that the same person wrote the argument and rebuttal for Proposition 49 as well.

As for the political parties, did you know that the Democratic Party stands for the eradication of hate crimes? Shew, I’m glad someone is standing up against crime. The Libertarians make it plain that Self-defense is a right – not a political favor, while the Reform Party promises to stay out of religion, your bedroom, and social issues.