Bugs in Bookcase 0.6.1

After a day of use, some bugs in Bookcase have popped up. The most annoying is still the keyboard accels. KAcceleratorManager doesn’t work as I expect it to, and when I add a new field, it ends up adding a new tab when it shouldn’t.

Also with adding a new field, after the app is restarted, that field isn’t visible in the column view, nor is it in the menu for selectable columns. Gotta fix that…And my slots didn’t get connected properly, so if you try to add a new field to the collection you get right when you start up, it won’t work. You have to either open a current file, or start a new one.

That Bibtexml encoding bug is still there, too, just in a different shape. Dang it…that’s it, I’m firing my QA rep. 🙂