Bug with Tellico's configure and Amazon

Markus Brueffer let me know about a bug in Tellico‘s configure script that might effectively disable the importing. I say might because I’m not sure why no one noticed before now, which makes me think it might depend on what shell is executing the script. Markus uses FreeBSD, I believe.

--- ../tellico-0.13.2.orig/configure    2005-02-05 15:57:12.000000000 -0800
+++ configure   2005-02-08 18:44:40.102862416 -0800
@@ -27409,7 +27409,7 @@


-if test x$enable_amazon == xyes; then
+if test x$enable_amazon = xyes; then

 cat >>confdefs.h <<\_ACEOF

If the config.h file doesn’t have #define AMAZON_SUPPORT 1, then you may have problems. Then again, maybe I didn’t properly code the import anyways, and the flag isn’t being properly verified. In any event, I’ll likely throw out a version 0.13.3 shortly.