Bookcase 0.9pre1 Released

I just pushed out Bookcase 0.9pre1, code-named “Walking to San Marino,” which has some new functionality, as well as lots of bug fixes. Improvements include:

  • sorting by entry count in the Group View
  • collection merging
  • changing auto-formatting without restart
  • new Compact and Fancy entry templates
  • piping bibtex citations through lyxpipe
  • changing existing field types
  • printing image fields
  • exporting individual entries to HTML with images
  • filtering by group
  • more documentation

The documentation is still incomplete. Parts are done, some parts don’t exist. This is a pre-release version of a beta product, please backup any data you care about before trying it. I’m only a hobbyist programmer, after all.

Bug fixes include:

  • compilation works with gcc 2.95 for real now
  • PilotDB export works again
  • lots of crashing bugs

If you want to update any of the translations, do send me updated .po files. I hope to release 0.9 sometime next week.