Bookcase 0.8pre1 Released

The first pre-release of Bookcase 0.8 is available. Significant additions include four new collection types, a new image field, a new entry view, an experimental PilotDB exporter, and additional menu commands for creating and modifying entries. The file format is now a zip file, but the data is still contained in the archive in XML format, much like KOffice. Because the KZip class is used, the minimum KDE version is now 3.1, instead of 3.0. I’m going to try to figrue out a way to conditionally compile a local version of kzip.cpp, but I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure it out.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the new functionality, but do backup your data before trying this pre-release version. Obviously, with the zip file, older versions of Bookcase will not be able to open any 0.8.x files. I still have some cleanup to do before putting out version 0.8, along with any bugs I discover, but this is pretty close.