Bookcase 0.8.3 Released

I don’t plan to be in the habit of having a new release of Bookcase every day. But the last couple of bugs were bad enough for me to be ashamed to have people using Bookcase at all. Folks have been helpful in pointing out the bugs, and I feel that I can respond by having a new version without them.

The new libxml API in versions > 2.6.0 uses a different mechanism for passing options to the XML parser than previous versions did, and as a result, Bookcase was grabbing the DTD from my website every time it loaded a document or changed the view. So I changed that so that no net access is allowed.

While I was at it, I fixed a bug with remembering the visible columns (though there are probably 17 more), a crashing bug when deleting paragraph fields, and a compilation bug for certain versions of libxml and libxslt.

So, grab Bookcase 0.8.3 and be happy. At least for a couple hours… 🙂