Bookcase 0.7pre2 Released

I got the translation mistake fixed. Now the tarball is up to 1.2+ MB, wow! Adding the btparse library to the source tree is a big part of the increase over the 0.6.x releases, but I’ve refactored a bunch of stuff. There’s still a bunch of weird spaghetti code, but it does seem to work the right way at the moment.

So, Bookcase 0.7pre2 is there for the taking. Since the btparse library is included, there’s no need to install it separately.

I’ll probably wait a couple days for any translators to get a whack at the thing, and for me to polish a bit more, then put out the real release 0.7.

Update: I should have checked more closely. The tarball included a stale libbtparse.a file of about 200k. I fixed and reuploaded the package. My apologies to anyone who happened to be downloading it at the time.