Bookcase 0.6.2 Released

Bookcase 0.6.2 fixes a couple crashing bugs, some problems with updating the popup menu and edit widgets when re-opening a file with custom fields, and adds a Norwegian translation, provided by Leif Mathis Gaup. The Bibtexml import encoding bug is finally squashed, since I now just depend on libxslt to properly read and load the file.

There’s a minor nagging bug still with the keyboard accels, which, for the life of me, I can not figure out how to fix. I use KAcceleratorManager::manage() to insert the accels for me. If the “Re-open last file at startup” option is not on, Bookcase opens with a blank file, and in this case only, the tabs don’t have accels. Once a file is opened, or even if a new one is started, the tabs have proper accels. That’s rather weird. Must be a KDE bug somewhere…