Bookcase 0.11 Released

After a couple of suggestions from Bookcase users, I added a couple more importers to Bookcase for version 0.11, code-named tempus omnia revelat. First, if you have taglib installed, Bookcase can scan a directory of audio files, and create a collection from the metadata for all the albums represented by those files. In addition, if libcdda from the cdparanoia package and libkcddb from kdemultimedia are installed, Bookcase can query the FreeDB website for CDDB information about an audio CD.

FInally, I added experimental import and export for Alexandria libraries. Alexandria is a Gnome book collection manager, so maybe this can facilitate users moving between the two applications. Obviously, quite a bit of information is lost when exporting to Alexandria since Bookcase can contain many more fields, but the major ones should stay intact.

Minor additions include an updated Norwegian translation, some fixes for crashing in the find and CSV import dialogs, and support for gcc 2.95..

The Mandrake RPM files I built now require libkdemultimedia-kscd and libcdda0. Using urpmi is the smart way to install the RPM files on Mandrake.

The new configure checks for the additional libraries may have some bugs, so if you get compilation errors, please let me know. And the CDDB lookup seems to fail more often than it should, I’m still investigating that.