Bethany Joy Lenz knows a thing or three

My brother sent me a link to an answer by Bethany Joy Lenz to a question about a girl’s shyness. Her answer is very refreshing:

So, the guy you like is just sitting around waiting for YOU to make the first move? Well, chances are that if he’s not willing to take the first risk and ask YOU out, he’s not going to be willing to take risks to defend and protect you during your relationship. And that will NOT be fun. You’ll end up feeling let down, and he’ll end up feeling like a coward. And you are too precious for that! You deserve to be pursued (contrary to everything you may read or hear about the “modern woman”).

Preach it, sister! That whole paragraph needs to be drilled into the head of any guy who thinks he’ll ever be asking any lady out. Making a conscious decision to “pursue” is a gift that every guy should make to any lady he plans to ask out.

On the other side, any lady who is being “pursued” in a dating sense should not construe that as “pursuit” with heavy expectations of matrimonial ends. Two separate issues, very important not to confuse them.