Betas are fish

Megan seems to be a fun and witty engineer lady up in Sacramento. Plus, she plays Ultimate! At this point, I can’t even remember how I came across her blog, some bread-crumb trail that probably traipsed from Indepundit to Planet KDE to View from Rocky Top. Who knows…

Anyways, I was reading her post about being alpha female. Frankly, I occasionally get frustrated about the same thing, people seeming to need a pointer/mover/shaker/motivator before anything happens. I usually chalk that up to my being an engineer, since the number of other engineers in my circles of friends is rather low. But I never thought about it from a lady’s perspective before.

Megan’s contemplation on dating an alpha guy vs. a beta guy is rather interesting. Perhaps I’m one of those guys who would say that I want to date a lady who is confident and outgoing and well-spoken, etc., etc. but then who ends up scared to actually do that? Hmmm, hardly the case I would want to be true.

From my side, it’s the search for a lady who understand my engineer’s quirks and foibles that eludes me. 😛 It’s non-trivial!

Anyways, it’s a beautiful thing how Megan’s personality seems to ooze through her blog. I’ll have to go through and read more of her posts.