Bailout Bill Includes Other Crap

The Senate bailout bill includes all sorts of unrelated crap. I guess it makes it more likely to pass that way? What does it say about a senator when a bill has to include:

There are dozens of other highly targeted provisions helping makers of wooden practice arrows used by children, film and television productions, motorsports racetrack property and the wool trust fund.

Other provisions target fishermen affected by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, mine safety equipment, American Samoa economic development and Indian employment.

Now if I were an affected fisherman from American Samoa who bought toy bows and arrows from Indians and sold them at racetracks, I bet I’d benefit greatly from this bill. But as it is, I doubt it.

That’s just stupid. State propositions and bills sometimes have rules that say only one subject can be address in each bill. I think the Senate should have the same. Make them very specific. Don’t be so broad that every single topic under the sun gets mentioned. No wonder it’s 451 pages long!