Another mention for Tellico

Tellico gets a brief mention on a page listing free software:

This program is a bibliography/collection manager. You can use it to manage your bibliography for school. Using this program, you can easily archive all the bibliography information for all your books so that it is all at your fingertips…even after you return a book to the library. You can also use this software to manage your reading list. I have spent a long time trying to find a free program that would manage my reading list. After a lot of online searching, I gave up and decided that such a thing did not exist. However, while researching for this article, I found Tellico. This program is perfect for managing reading lists. In fact, you can even rate your favorite books using a star system! This program also has an information packet on what Tellico is and how to use it.

Although, I have to wonder. All the rest of the software on the page are Windows-based, or cross-platform. Anyone who tries to run Tellico on Windows right now will be rather disappointed…that doesn’t really get mentioned anywhere.