A rainbow and a waterspout

Ther have been a couple of very cool photos over on the Yahoo! News web site:

A ray of light hits the Castel dell’Ovo Castle while the end of a rainbow reaches the horizon after a heavy storm hit Naples, southern Italy, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003. In the background is the beginning slope of Mt. Vesuvius. ( AP Photo/Fabio Sardella )

The Royal Navy type 42 destroyer HMS York, right, is dwarfed by a giant waterspout as she ploughs through the Mediterranean Sea, Monday Jan. 27. 2003, in this photo made from the destroyer HMS Edinburgh which was about four miles away Tuesday Jan. 28, 2003. Lt. Commander Simon Bedding, the Weapons Engineering Officer from HMS Edinburgh who took the picture, said: It was very dramatic. The skies darkened and we had a terrific hailstorm, with thunder and lightning. A first tornado was followed by threemore tornados, drawing up humidity and showing themselves as white waterspouts. (AP Photo/Simon Bedding/Royal Navy. ho)