More on Fox's Beyond

This TV show might turn out to be rather amusing when it airs in the fall.

Merrin Dungey (Kelly on “The King of Queens”) has landed a role in the drama pilot, about the scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

the futon critic

And I’ve only found vague plot summaries. IMDb says that it involves “a radical plan to deflect a pathogen-infected meteor currently on a collision path with the Earth”. Futon critic has all the cast info together.

At least it’s not as near as bad as Three Moons Over Milford

The happily married mother of two teenagers, [Janet] finds her sedate suburban existence rudely disrupted when a meteor crashes into the moon, fragmenting it into three parts, any of which could plummet towards Earth and destroy the planet at any given moment. The strong-willed [Janet] is trying to pretend that nothing is amiss, but meanwhile all around her are melting down, including her scientist husband, who quits his job as the president of a huge biotech company and goes mountain climbing in Africa with no thought to the financial devastation of his family.

the futon critic

Let’s hope that they actually do some on-location shooting at JPL. That’d be cool. Some coworkers and I have been trying to come up with some engaging dialog. First, it’s a trifle worrisome that all these descriptions mention scientists and not engineers. Does Fox realize the difference? It’s critical! Second, we’re hoping that Beyond will introduce Cog E into the national lexicon. Personally, I’m just waiting to hear what kind of technical jokes get stuck in the script.

Finally, David Nevins described it as “it’s going to be a smart ensemble drama about scientists who must become action heroes”. I think he’s implying that the engineers are already action heroes, and that the scientists are finally going to join the team. I think he could have been a bit more tactful, but you know those Hollywood types.

According to My Entertainment, shooting started last week.

Gentoo SVN Ebuild for Tellico

Petri Damsten has a tellico-svn ebuild setup for Gentoo, which you can find at his “portage overlay” (not sure exactly what that means…) at With it, installing the current SVN trunk for Tellico is as simple as: emerge tellico-svn. I would caution you that the trunk code can be a bit a bumpy. Things get broken, and partially implemented, so be careful and always backup your data files.

Berean Curves Template for Tellico

I came across a tutorial on
custom borders with advanced CSS which explains how to add nice curved borders around HTML elements and such. The example that the author, Roger Johansson, uses, is very pretty, so I turned it into a template for Tellico.

Download Berean_Curves.tgz, and unpack it in your
directory. You may have to create the tellico/ and entry-templates/ directories. Then select Berean Curves in the template configuration. Voila!

It uses some CSS3 techniques, which only work in KDE 3.5, I think. Or at least, work less well in KDE 3.4 and earlier.

More on Beyond

More on Beyond, the TV show set to take place at JPL

Seth Gabel (Adrian Moore on “Nip/Tuck”) and Adrian Lester (Mickey Stone on “Hustle”) have both joined the cast of the pilot, a thriller set at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They’ll play David, a scientist, and Morris, the head of the research lab, respectively.

So the scientist is a young’un, 28 years old or so. And he’s saving the world during the newest space race. Hmmm, sure, that coulda been me a few years ago, I suppose. Just substitute engineer for scientist, of course. Wouldn’t want to get that mixed up.

Don't Take My Cycles

I just installed SuSE 10.1 Beta8 on a spare partition this weekend. There were some bumps, but I finally got most everything settled in. My fonts got about twice as big (I’m using the same home partition as for my old Mandriva install), half the development libraries I needed didn’t get installed, and it takes forever and a day for yast to download updates.

But the main thing that’s irritating me now is this stupid beagle daemon. Can’t somebody figure out how to do data indexing without sucking up more than 50% of my CPU usage every 30 seconds? I turned of kat at soon as I installed Mandriva 2006 because of that problem, and now I need to turn off beagle for the same exact reason.

beagle top monitor

Snow at Mojave

We had a lot of rain over the weekend here in Pasadena, and it was chilly. The snow level on the mountains was really low, low enough that Mojave Airport had snow. That’s really rather amazing. I didn’t check to see how rare that is, though. The photos are nice.

Tellico 1.1.3 Released

One of the folks on the Tellico mailing list is writing a script to download information from the Dark Horse Comic website, and he discovered that I had a typo which was preventing the comic book template from showing up in certain parts of the UI. So I need to have a release where his script will be able to work!



  • Fixed bug that prevented the comic book template from showing up in
    config options or importers.
  • Fixed z39.50 search to use same character encoding for query as
    for search results.
  • Changed ISO 5426 converter to treat umlaut and diaeresis
  • Fixed intermittent crash when exporting HTML and overwriting
  • Fixed bug with empty groups showing up after deleting entries.
  • Updated ru translation.