Hubble's Gotchu!

How have I not seen this before? Jimmy Fallon has a recurring sketch by a guy who loves the Hubble Space Telescope. Bashir Salahuddin, a.k.a. “Milky J”, raps about Hubble’s great images.

And Goddard actually invited the Jimmy Fallon crew to come in and see the information about the James Webb Space Telescope. Sheer awesomeness!

Check out all the details of the visit and previous videos from Jimmy Fallon over at
Geeked on Goddard.

Space School Musical

NASA and KidTribe teamed up for this unforgettably entertaining “hip-hopera” designed to teach kids about the solar system. Described as ‘MTV meets Science’, “Space School Musical” is one small step for man & one giant moonwalk for kid-kind!

So starts the blurb about Space School Musical

This weekend, May 23! That’s pretty crazy…

Awesome video of STS-130

Some folks at JSC put together a rocking video with tons of the ascent imagery from one of the recent Space Shuttle flights. Cool, eh?

There are only four more Space Shuttle flights scheduled before they shut the program down!

NASA OIG: $368 Million Cost to Make Constellation Metric Compliant – NASA Watch

This is unbelievable.

NASA has a standing policy to use metric (SI) units for all projects. Unfortunately, much of American industry, including the DoD, still uses English units. The Constellation program decided to use metric units two years ago, and how they want to switch back to English units, saying that it costs over $300 million to re-tool and re-draw all the hardware they would be re-using or modifying from older programs, like the Space Shuttle.

Think about that…over $300 million. That’s more than many satellites cost for design, build and launch. And people wonder why companies like SpaceX can do launches cheaper…

Just today, I had several conversations about units at work. For the same project, two different groups of modelers were doing analysis. Once it recently became time to merge or combine the models, lo and behold, we discover that one group used metric and one didn’t. Bleh…

The engineer in me just wants the U.S. and the U.K. to just get over it and switch completely to metric. Then I think about baseball and golf and milk and gasoline and everything that would have to change…