Huckabee's Submission Question

Over at the Evangelical Outpost, Joe Carter asks a great question.

Religious bigotry: The question about wives submitting to husbands could have been a disaster yet Huckabee turned it from a negative to a positive. Still, it was an inappropriate question to ask someone running for President. Would FOX News ever dare to ask Romney about a point of Mormon doctrine?

Short answer? Of course not. And indeed, what does that tell us?

Tellico 1.3pre1 Released

Update2: There was a bug that would edit multiple entries at once, when only one was selected. Fixed in pre3

Update: I messed up the packaging, so there’s a 1.3pre2 tarball available now that should have all the files in it.

I’ve got a new version of Tellico available, the first pre-release version of 1.3. Download it from here.

At one point, I thought that the next major release I made would be version 2.0, with a SQL backend or something. But that turned out to be hard, so this has some incremental stuff. I might end up porting to KDE4 (out today!) before going to a different backend, too, just depends on how I feel about things. Thus is open source! 🙂

I still need to update the documentation and clean up a few things. There shouldn’t be any new strings after this, so if you want to update translations and send them to me, that’d be great!

Updates include:

  • Added board game collection, and data source for BoardGameGeek, using patch from Steve Beattie (requires ruby).
  • Added data source for using any GCstar plugin
  • Added importers for Griffith, Referencer and Delicious Library
  • Added importer for PDF files, using the exempi and poppler libraries (optional)
  • Added drag & drop for importing PDF, bibtex, and RIS files
  • Added DOI field and searching,, Bibsonomy, and
  • Added command for merging multiple entries, based on a patch from Cyril Dangerville
  • Updated CSV importer, IMDb fetcher, and Spanish Ministry of Culture script
  • Added option to save image files in a local directory relative to data file
  • Added option to save a link to an image file instead of copying it
  • Extended the DCOP interface to allow more scripting, including adding and modifying entries
  • Experimental barcode scanning with a webcam (use --enable-webcam for the configure script). See Sebastian’s website about his patch for more details.
  • Added Ukrainian translation, from Serhij Dubyk Сергій Дубик

Please, backup your data files. Export to Zip and archive them or something. I use Tellico myself, almost daily, and everything seems ok, but you never can tell.

Three QUADRILLION Dollars!

This is just silly.

Hurricane Katrina’s victims have put a price tag on their suffering and it is staggering – including one plaintiff seeking the unlikely sum of $3 quadrillion.

For the sake of perspective: A mere $1 quadrillion would dwarf the U.S. gross domestic product, which Scott said was $13.2 trillion in 2007. A stack of one quadrillion pennies would reach Saturn.

Katrina’s victims ask for huge checks

They oughta be sent back to 4th grade for asking for such a ridiculous amount of money and wasting the time of other hard-working people.

Caedmon's Call on Grey's Anatomy

This’ll be fun, maybe I’ll have to watch the episode.

Caedmon’s Call’s lyrically compelling song about redemption, “Ten Thousand Angels” will receive a rare and lengthy place on an upcoming episode of the ABC hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” on January 10th. Featuring vocals by Derek Webb, the song will play for five consecutive minutes during an emotionally charged final scene.

Great Debate Format

ABC News and Charles Gibson did a fantastic job with the New Hampshire Debates tonight. That was easily the best and most productive format of any debate held thus far, far far better than that dumb Iowa debate where the candidates weren’t even allowed to respond to each other. I think I learned more about the candidates tonight than I have in the last 6 months of media-induced frenzy.