The Man From
Snowy River

The soundtrack to The Man From Snowy River really captures the heart of the movie. The quality of the film would be drastically reduced without such stunning musical accompaniment. I've listed some information about the soundtracks, plus some clips for you to download. Enjoy!

Did you catch the opening ceremony at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney? The music was from The Man From Snowy River! Check out the news story.

Music Information

The Man From Snowy River Soundtrack
Composed By: Bruce Rowland

Track Listing:

  1. Main Theme
  2. Jim's Ride
  3. The Chase
  4. Jessica's Theme (Breaking In The Colt) 45 sec, 450 kb WAV
  5. Henry Dies / Farewell To Frew
  6. Rosemary Recalls
  7. Mountain Theme
  8. Jessica's Sonata
  9. Jim Brings In The Brumbies
  10. Clancy's Theme
  11. The Brumbies
  12. Harrison's Homestead / Jim Gets His Horse
  13. Searching For Jessica
  14. End Titles

Return To Snowy River Soundtrack
Composed By: Bruce Rowland

Track Listing:

  1. A Long Way From Home
  2. The Man From Snowy River II
  3. By The Fireside
  4. Eureka Creek
  5. Back To The Mountains
  6. Skill At Arms
  7. Jessica's Sonata #2
  8. Pageant At Harrisons
  9. Gathered To The Fray
  10. Alone In The Mountains
  11. Farewell To An Old Friend "Now Do We Fight Them!"
  12. "You Should Be Free"
  13. Closing Credits

Purchase Online

This is the Internet after all! You can purchase the soundtracks online via CDnow, an excellent repository of music and videos. Just follow these links:


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