The Man From
Snowy River

The Man From Snowy River has been my favorite movie for some time now. Plot summaries are below. Also, a short triva section has been set up to test the "Snowy River"-ness of anyone, whether you've seen the movie once or hundreds of times. Try it! Then, you can peruse quotations from the movies and cast your vote for your favorite.

Movie Information

The Man From Snowy River

The Man From Snowy River was released in 1982. It stars Tom Burlinson as Jim Craig, Sigrid Thornton as Jessica Harrison, and Kirk Douglas as her father. The film was directed by George Miller.

The plot is based on a poem written of Australia's bush country. Young Jim Craig's father dies in an accident and he is forced to leave the Snowy River country to seek work in the valley. Jim connects with Harrison, a wealthy cattle rancher, and meets his beautiful and feisty daughter, Jessica. Jim endures ridicule from his fellow mates while incidently catching Jessica's eye and helping to train a prize colt. But, circumstances cause a falling out between Jessica and her father and she flees home. Jim rescues her and in the process, discovers a bit of the family history. The climax, a full out horse chase through woods and water, leaves one breathless. Harrison steadfastly challenges Jim's right to his daughter, but can't deny that she has a mind of her own to make up. But Jim has other plans...

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Return To Snowy River

The sequel, Return To Snowy River came out in 1988 and continued the story of Jim Craig and Jessica Harrison. Kirk Douglas opted not to return as Harrison, leaving the job to Brian Dennehy, who performed the role with a bit more girth, shall we say. Nicholas Eadie plays Alistair Patton, the spoiled brat of the story.

Jim returns to Snowy River, having made his mark as a horseman, and intends to enter triumphantly to escort Jessica up to the high country. However, Harrison has made other plans and Jessica has found time to grow a bit icey. Jim's show of one-upmanship with Alistair Patton, Jessica's suitable suitor, is a remarkable feat of horseback riding that makes the movie. Alistair recognizes that Jim is the better man and determines to break the bond he has with Jessica. Meanwhile, Jim finds the mountain folk building a good-sized town and he tries to get them to band together to resist the relentless advancement of the money-grubbing businessmen of the valley. Jessica and Jim learn a few things about commitment and sacrifice, all the while saving both Harrison and the town of Eureka Creek from the Pattons.

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