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I had to set up a section for everything else on the site, right? There are some web sites scattered around the internet related to Snowy River, of course, and I've listed several below. Let me know if you find one! And the mandatory site map is shown below, too, in case anyone is worried about missing a page of this wonderful web site. The change log lets you know that I really am trying to stay current! :)


Site Map

Perhaps the Snowy River pages are not deep enough to warrant a site map, but I've always wanted one! :)

Change Log

2 November 2002
I added some scans of the bios for the stars in the Spectacular from the McAnally's, along with a new page for Banjo: The Show.
5 September 2002
A new page for the Arena Spectacular filled with some wonderful scans of the showbill from the McAnallys. I also added some new quote suggestions from Jennifer.
24 June 2002
I added a link to the new Man From Snowy River DVD release to the Merchandise page.
25 March 2002
I've changed servers, so the old site at will be going down soon. I've moved the database and all the web pages, too. My new email is
17 July 2001
Finally, I redid all the pages in validated XHTML. I added a small page with merchandise, as well. There may be errors somewhere, so please let me know if you find any.
16 July2001
Added the capability to generate a file of all the quotations in plain-text format, separated by dashes. Also changed email address to and clipped the dead links.
05 June 2001
Added the Sigrid Thornton web page link and a new quote submitted by email.
06 April 2001
Well, if you check my home page at all, you noticed that I'm working in the Netherlands right now. I don't have much time to work on these pages, but plan to clean them up, I promise, at some point. I did add some more links and fix some broken ones today, though.
10 February 2001
I added the list of Australian words from the McAnallys, and some more behind the scenes PHP fixes.
11 December 2000
New images from David and Rae McAnally. Plus, I dd some layout changes.
16 September 2000
I added the link to the Olympic music.
27 July 2000
I scanned in the CD covers and added a photos page.
14 April 2000
Cosmetic changes. At some point, I want to validate everything to XHTML 1.0.
30 March 2000
After promising some trivia questions for forever, I finally put some in. There are not many right now and the UI is junky, but at least it's a start!
13 January 2000
The quotes are finally re-entered into the database! Shew!
9 December 1999
Somebody bumped the server a little too hard and all the database information was lost. Four years of favorite quotation votes lost!
3 December 1999
Fixed various layout problems. Everything shuld be consistent now.
3 December 1999
Fixed a bug in the sorting algorithm on the quotes page.

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