More on board games in Tellico

Raphaël Pinson recently blogged about using Tellico for his collection of board games. He’d emailed me to ask about searching Amazon, so I expanding the Tellico search to include Toys. That’ll be in the next version release, 1.3.4 I guess.

The catch is that Amazon just lumps a lot of the information as BrowseNodes, including the number of players, game genre, age group, and others. And, as my fiancee would say, the vocabulary is not controlled at all. The format is free-form, for the most part. I can’t really blame Amazon for that, but it does make it impossible to sort through meaningfully.

And unfortunately, Tellico and GCstar don’t import and export board game collections from each other yet, so I my suggestion to Raphaël to use the GCstar plugin didn’t work.

I’ll have to take a shot at getting that import working in Tellico, at least. My list of things to work on grows!