View From My Office

With all the rain last week, the mountains above Pasadena show a lot of snow on their peaks. The view from my office window overlooks JPL’s new Flight Projects Center.

Snow Above JPL

Tellico and Yaz 4.0

Tellico uses the Yaz library for accessing z39.50 servers, which are used by many libraries for bibliographic access. Yaz 4.0 was just released, so I wanted to check to see if Tellico still compiled with the new version.

I’m happy to report that no source code changes are necessary for Tellico. While the bump in the Yaz version means a library ABI compatibility, it’s still source-compatible.

From My Neck of the Woods

Looks like there’s an American Idol contestant from Vonore, Tennessee, which is not far from where I grew up.

Vanessa Wolf is her name. I think I’ve been on that bridge before, though I’ve never jumped off of it.

Coker Creek, where I grew up, is smaller than Vonore, I think.

Updated Feed Links

I finally got around to fixing the blog feeds, which had not been updating since I moved to Movable Type 4. I got rid of the old RSS feeds, in favor of Atom feeds. Most feed readers won’t care about the difference. I’m using 301 redirects, so everything should work correctly.

And…(drum roll)…I enabled comments…I think. We’ll see how that goes…