Searching from Tellico 1.3.x has changed their data API to require that all searches be signed with a secret key, unique to each user. The upcoming version of Tellico supports the new method. However, older versions (i.e. all versions of Tellico for KDE3) do not.

As a result, the Amazon searching no longer works for any version of Tellico released for KDE3. I don’t plan to try to backport that support, either.

Sorry, folks. You’ll just have to use a different search source.

By the way, Alexandria has hit the same issue. Books for Macos X hit it, too.

Tellico 2.0pre1 Released

OK, after long last, I’m reasonably sure that I have a version of Tellico that doesn’t have major issues. So with that, I’m making tellico-2.0pre1.tar.bz2 available.

This release has not been tested by many people yet. If you are not comfortable trying pre-release software, don’t. It may trash your home directory, kill all the whales, and take your dog hostage.

If you’d like to test it, please backup your data first!. The image handling and document loading were both significantly modified, and since they are the crucial components, you should have data backups.

I posted a longer list of new features and notes over on the project website.

Incidentally, I think I’ll start posting news bits over on and keep blogging about Tellico here at The news posts there will have comments enabled, too.

Tellico Website Update

I’ve moved the Tellico website, to its own domain at, and also switched it to a different hosting company, which should save some money. Keeping every single previous release was starting to fill up my (admittedly small) quota.

I took a leap and decided to use Drupal as the CMS. I thought about WordPress, too, but I wanted to learn something new. I think I figured most of it out, but there are still a few tweaks to be made. I’m about 90% happy with the layout and design.

Most of the links from the domain have redirects setup for them and will continue to work.

Also, the mailing list has moved to the domain. At the moment, Gmane has updated its information. Nabble has not.