Just Married!


I just got married! Woo-hoo! My lovely wife’s name is Kim, and we enjoyed a wonderful wedding at Sierra Madre Congregational Church and a honeymoon down in Huatulco, Mexico.

We had two amazing photographers, from Karen Leah Photography, and Karen just
blogged about our wedding. Kim and I were complimented on our choice of photographers so many times. Karen and Brian were very good, and they were also very enthusiastic, supportive, and competent. We’d really recommend them very highly!

Now I’m back at work. I’m enjoying a life without wedding preparation again! Coming back from the warm weather and beautiful water in Oaxaca to rainstorms in Pasadena was tough.

Debian Package of the Day: Tellico

Tellico was chosen as the Debian Package of the Day for January 4. The review has a lot of screenshots, and I must say, I’ve never heard of hyperplane arrangements before!

There are many special-purpose collection managers (most of which are listed on the tellico homepage), but tellico is one of the earlier general purpose managers. Some applications (such as GCstar) are becoming more general-purpose as they mature. Others (such as Stuffkeeper) are simply younger applications and are not yet stable. Tellico is a well-designed application and therefore can give even the special-purpose collection managers a run for their money.