Showing Up For Work

Something quite strange happened in Washington today. Three US Senators took a day off from their usual working routine and showed up in the US Senate.

That’s a quote from a TimesOnline article by Gerard Baker. The fact that a British guy has also noticed that there are 3 senators who are not doing their jobs is telling, no?

Best Game Ever

This is such an awesome story, and it happened out here in Hermosa Beach! Improv Everywhere, they of the Frozen Grand Central fame, gave a bunch of little league baseball players just about
the best game ever.

Three agents played the role of crazy shirtless dudes, painting “Mudcats” across their bare chests. These fans were particularly vocal in getting chants together. The players started looking back at the crowd with puzzled expressions. A few in the dugout peered around the corner to see what was going on. The game was in progress, so they had no choice but to keep playing and decide to figure it out later.

They got an NBC Sports newscaster and the Goodyear blimp, too!

Links for Today

Just came across StuffKeeper.

Stuffkeeper is a generic catalog program. It is not focused on a particular type,  like incollector focuses on notes,logs, chat’s etc, or cdcollector on cd’s, it can hold any type of data.There are programs that can do this, like tellico, but it opens new db for every type. StuffKeeper tries to provide one program, with one view that can show any type of data, in a easy to use and good looking interface. reviews Referencer

Despite its simplicity, Referencer is a useful application that can help you to kill two birds with one stone. You can use the application to organize your documents into easy-to-manage searchable libraries. And the ability to retrieve and manage metadata combined with the ability to handle bibliography files makes Referencer a great tool for researchers and writers alike.

My Ubuntu Blog reviews video collection managers, including Tellico.

Definitely Tellico wins with a clear margin for its intutive approach to manage, display, import, export, search, retrieve and manipulate data.

SuSE doesn't let you configure your CDDB profile for KDE

Tellico can import metadata about a CD by generating a disc profile and querying a CDDB server. To do this, it uses KDE’s KCDDB library. Unfortunately, using this library appears to be a rare thing. In fact, Tellico is the only app in Fedora to link against

OpenSUSE thinks you shouldn’t be able to edit or even see your CDDB settings. Check out the ping-pong in
bug 254175. Simply insane. When NoDisplay=true is set, then you can’t even run

kcmshell libkcddb

So since I’ll probably forget this in the future, and SuSE will push an update that overwrites my setting, I’m bloggin about it. First, edit
to fix the NoDisplay setting. Then rerun kbuildsycoca.