Tellico Settings on Fedora 7

For whatever reason, it appears that Tellico is unable to store configuration settings when running on Fedora 7. The tellicorc file is overwritten every time the application is run. Several users have reported the problem. However, I don’t use Fedora and don’t have access to a Fedora installation to figure out why Tellico is misbehaving.

I’ve been unable to find a bug report about any similar issue for other KDE apps. That suggests that the problem is due to something in the way that Tellico uses KConfig. But I can’t figure out what in the world that might be.

This is just a post to raise awareness, in a sense, and perhaps someone will see it and have a suggestion. The only workaround was suggested by Vitor Pereira and involves explicitly setting the location of the tellicorc file.

The European Library

The European Library has an SRU interface, it’s just a bit hard to find. Tellico can use it, though the data is a bit sparse.

Dublin Core (although MODS seems to work, too)

It doesn’t seem to support ISBN searches. And the default Tellico search must be interacting strangely with their collection index. Test searches such as “Harry Potter” don’t return anything like I would expect.

Sorting Tables in Tellico's HTML Export

I came across a blog post today about a new release of tablesorter, a plugin written for jQuery. tablesorter uses JavaScript to dynamically sort tables in HTML.

Since Tellico‘s HTML uses JS for table sorting as well, I figured I’d try this new code out. And it’s pretty fast. Granted, the jQuery code allows you to do all sorts of things, and sorting tables is just the tip of the iceberg. But it was interesting and fun to play with it. In the process, I decided to update some of the code used for table sorting.

If you want to check it out, here are three examples:

Now, I used one of Christian Bach’s CSS themes for the jQuery page, so it has a different font, color, etc. But you can click the header in any of those three files to sort the table. I haven’t actually done any benchmarking, though. That would be an obvious thing to do. It was a fun little activity for the evening and helped me relieve some stress…

Libra – new collection manager

I came across another book/DVD collection manager for Windows, called Libra. I haven’t actually run it, since I don’t have Windows at home, but I did notice that they’re using the Tellico icon! Prominently, too, on both the website and in the application itself.

Virginie Quesnay created the icon back in 2004. It’s licensed under the LGPL.