Tellico in Dragonia Magazine

Issue #12 of Dragonia Magazine contains a review of Tellico, albeit in what I take to be Polish. Here’s the intro:

Nie znam osoby, która na którymś etapie swego
życia (zwykl w dzieciństie) nie kolekcjonowałaby czegoś.
Niektórzy nie wyrośliz t zego, a ich kolekcje
książek, płyt czy monet urosły do
wielkości przekraczających możlości
zarządzania, jakie daje kartka i długopis.

And finally,

Zdecydowanie mocną stoną program u jest zrozumienie
potrzeb potencjalnego użytkownika; pola opisujące
każdy typ kolekcji są już bez dodatkowej
konfiguracji dobrze dobrane , a szczególnie atrakcyjne
jest wyszukiwanie informacji o alumbach czy
książkach w Internecie z poziomu programu. O szczędza
to masę czasu który potrzebny byłby do opisania

Sounds positive, I guess…

UPDATE: Piotr Krakowiak was very kind and sent me some translation, Thanks!

Definitely the strongest feature of the program is an understanding of
the potential user’s needs; the text fields, describing each type of
collection are – even without additional tweaking – well chosen and
are sufficiently meaningful. What’s also attractive is the ability to
search for albums or books on the Internet without leaving the program
window. This saves a lot of time that would be necessary to describe
each item in our catalogue.

Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,” Roberts said.

That’s Chief Justice Roberts ruling on a school segregation case. Hard to argue with that, unless you admit that discrimination is good in some cases, and bad in others, which admittedly some proponents do. But on the other hand, arguing for a color-blind society doesn’t allow you to discriminate at all.

Justice Thomas concurred.

“What was wrong in 1954 cannot be right today,” he said. “The plans before us base school assignment decisions on students’ race. Because ‘our Constitution is colorblind and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens,’ such race-based decision making is unconstitutional.”

One of the alternatives, rightly pointed out by the defense, is income-based discrimination.

Civil rights leaders, trying to make the best of the decision, said Kennedy’s opinion, when combined with the four dissenters, showed that a majority of the justices support the continuing use of race-conscious measures to integrate public schools.

School districts that have plans that resemble the ones struck down by the court are expected to look for other ways to make their schools racially balanced without specifically relying on race. One possibility is using family income since blacks are more likely than whites to be poor.

Seems a bit more fair…

AssociatedContent Reviews Tellico

Eric Fleming at AssociatedContent has published a short review of Tellico.

In conclusion, if you are looking for this type of software, whether it be to keep track of your collection of priceless stamps for insurance purposes, or to be able to see which of your movies is missing, then Tellico is an excellent choice. It’s fast, easy to use, provides attractive output options, and is – as a bonus to all of that – completely free!