Country in LA

Los Angeles has a country station, again. Woo-hoo! I couldn’t understand why KZLA changed formats, but the drought was short-lived. KMZT 105.1 just switched from classical music to country, billing itself as
Go Country 105.

Now I don’t have to try to pickup KFRG from San Bernadino anymore. My drive home in the evenings is just that much better!

Tellico 1.2.9 Released

Tellico 1.2.9 is available. Changelog is:

  • Updated IMDb search.
  • Fixed sorting for entries with rating = 10.
  • Fixed bug with formatting dependent fields.
  • Fixed bug with adding spaces following a comma in the editor.
  • Changed MODS import to allow any result with typeOfResult = text.
  • Fixed several bugs with i18n issues.

Plenty of thanks go to Jens Seidel for several patches that he sent dealing with the translation issues.