JPL is not in Texas

Memo to ITWire: JPL is not in Texas. I know these American states get quite confusing, and Texas has some great aerospace centers. But JPL is nowhere near Houston!

A collaboration between NASA and the Advanced Research Project Agency, the InterPlaNet project is underway at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Houston, Texas.

Other than that, it was a neat article about interplanetary data transmission. Google to the rescue!

Not Receiving My Emails to a List

Quoting from

Mail you send or forward to a mailing list you subscribe to, or to an account that forwards messages to your Gmail account, will only appear in ‘Sent Mail.’ This is intended to help prevent clutter in your inbox. If a message isn’t successfully delivered, you’ll receive an error message in your inbox.

That’s a bit disappointing. I’d rather have an option in the settings for that. I use the Gmail SMTP server, and never receive any of my own emails when I download with POP. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I first suspected the Novell Forge email list setup since it swallows emails at random as well.

Cosmos at JPL

The Pasadena Star-News ran an article about JPL’s supercomputing capability on Monday. The article caught my eye since my structural analysis has started using one of the JPL supercomputers in the past year or so. We’re running some of our bigger structural models through a software package called Nastran that runs on Cosmos, the 1024-node supercomputer mentioned in the article.

It’s rather amazing, really. Every time I set up a job to run, it occurs to me that I’m harnessing so much computing cycles. I mean, the biggest job I’ve done is one that took about 6 hours to complete, running on 32 processors. The article talks about the literal modeling of universes, far beyond the matrix manipulation I do. Pretty awesome.

The supercomputing group is fond of reminding people that they’re #88 in the recent top 500 list of supercomputers. And the article does mention that we’d like a new one!

Bitrate for Audio File Import

Doruk Fişek has a patch against Tellico 1.2.8 for importing bitrate during the audio file import. You just have to be able to read Turkish! Or just read his email to the tellico-users email list about it.

Since I’m not adding new strings to the Tellico-1.2 branch, I’ll probably just check this into SVN trunk, or the (never-to-be-released) tellico-1.3 branch. I know better than to ever really be surprised at what data or how someone uses Tellico. It’s always fun to come across new stuff like this.

Tellico 1.2.8 Released

Tellico 1.2.8 is available, with some assorted bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug with secondary and tertiary sorting.
  • Fixed bug with some z39.50 search results not showing up.
  • Fixed bug with comparing relative URLs when importing a file catalog.
  • Fixed “ISBN Not Found” dialog to have selectable text.
  • Fixed “busy cursor doesn’t go away” in the download stuff dialog.
  • Fixed the newstuff download to uninstall cleanly.
  • Fixed compilation error in yaz include, patch from Markus Brueffer.
  • Updated CDDB import to grab extd data as comments, and category as keyword.
  • Updated audio file importer to take disc number into account for mp3, ogg, and flac files.
  • Changed IMDB rating to allow float values.
  • Updated translations for pt and pt_BR.

I Hate Intuit

I hate Intuit with a passion. They make a reasonably good personal finance application, Quicken, then act like the mobsters that they are by sunsetting, or discontinuing, online functionality. That’s right, not just discontinuing support, like any reasonable software company, but completely crippling the software. Taking away the simple ability to download stock quotes and banking transactions just because of some arbitrary date is plain stupid and mean. QIF and OFX have been standards long enough for this not to be just an issue of needing to upgrade something in the software, it’s just Intuit wanting to stick it to their customers and force more money out of them.

Quicken 2004 is set to “expire” on April 30, 2007. I use it with Codeweavers Crossover Linux product. I’m willing to take the slow-as-molasses graphing on Linux, but heck, now they’re forcing an upgrade? I won’t give them any of my money, to be sure. I’ll just find a Quicken 2005 or Quicken 2006 version on ebay.

Mudsuckers. Greedy idiots. Worst names are going through my mind, too.