GCstar hits 1.0

Congratulations go to Tian, with his work on GCstar, which hit version 1.0.0 this past weekend. He’s added music collection management, to go along with books, movies, and video games.

I’ll admit, I get a few crashes when I try it. Mostly associated with errors like

Magic number checking on storable file failed at lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into lib/auto/Storable/fd_retrieve.al) line 349, <RCOMMAND> line 1, at /usr/local/bin/../lib/gcstar/GCPlugins.pm line 88

but it’s a very capable application, with many more search sources than Tellico. Heck, you can even use all of GCstar’s data sources in Tellico.

Mars Redux

With the announcement yesterday about MGS finding evidence of flowing water on Mars, we had a number of news vans parked out front at work. The deer probably weren’t disturbed too much, however.

JPL Deer

One of my first thoughts on reading the news story about a geologist saying they had evidence of recent water activity was similar to John Scalzi‘s. “Recent” to a geologist (areologist?) has a completely different connotation than to a normal person. But as it turns out, it was within the last seven years or so, which is recent enough.

Car & Driver‘s article on Spirit and Opportunity has been posted on their website.

If the 300-million-mile flights were on target, if the landings were smooth, if the rovers could extricate themselves from the landers, and if a million other ifs all came to pass, the rovers were expected to drive barely a half-mile under remote control from Earth before going kablooey. It was hoped that evidence that Mars once had liquid surface water would be discovered in 90 Martian days

I do remember all the bated breaths and worries glances we gave each other at work 23 months ago. The article brings those memories back, to be sure.

So perhaps in a few years, once we have our moon base up and running, we might have to worry about Mars looking like this:

Sorting in Tellico 1.2.7

So while changing the sort order to take into account title articles, in Tellico 1.2.7, I broke the secondary and tertiary sorting, which is useful for series and series number. I don’t expect to make a 1.2.8 release quite yet, so here’s a patch.

Or grab the SVN revision.

You could also just define another field that combines the series name and series number. The field type is Dependent and you put %{series} %{series_num} in the field description. That combines the two values and lets you sort quickly.


Tellico 1.2.7 Released

Tellico 1.2.7 is available. One critical fix is a possibility of losing cover images if you save them in the data file itself, rather than the app directory, and you have a image field shown in the column view. Basically, there were competing calls to the image cache which messed things up. I’m pretty sure that’s the only case that could result in image loss, so if you don’t save images in the data file (and if you have more than 100 or so, you shouldn’t be) you should be ok.


  • Fixed bug that could cause images to be lost when loading from data file.
  • Fixed bug with saving URL values without the protocol.
  • Fixed bug with editing ISBN-13 values.
  • Updated sorting to take title articles into account.
  • Updated Amazon.com search to allow ISBN-13 values.
  • Changed file listing import to match on URL only.
  • Improved performance when copying or deleting multiple entries at once.