Needed: editor for Linux Format magazine

While I was waiting for a friend in Vienna, I was perusing the magazines in a bookstore. While browsing through the December issue of Linux Format, I noticed happily that Tellico was listed as a Hot Pick! So I flipped over to page 71 to see the review. Somebody’s wires got crossed.

The review reads ok, but the version is listed as 0.9.10, and the website as Maybe somebody had a copy/paste error? Version 0.10 of bookcase was released back in August 2004, and there never was a version 0.9.10, so I have no idea where the version number came from. And the linked web page obviously has nothing to do with Tellico.

The blurb for the screenshot says

Tellico‘s ability to import data from Amazon makes documenting your book collection easy, but isn’t the Buy From Amazon link superfluous?

Sure it is. But you may be creating a wishlist. More importantly, the terms and conditions for accessing data from require a link either to the items page or to the top site. I suppose I could call the link, “See page at”, or something similar. Furthermore, if you export your collection and put it online, then other people may use your link to buy the book or DVD at Amazon. My affiliate code is included in the link, so I do occasionally get referral fees. Something less than $50 in a couple years so far.

Back from Roma

Well, I’m back from my European trip. I spent 3 days in Vienna, 2 days in Cortona, Italy, 4 days in Sorrento, and 4 days in Rome. Very enjoyable. I got to see the sights with my sister, along with some friends of hers from school. I also got to visit a good friend in Austria, and see the beginning of the Christmasmarkt at the Rathausplatz in Vienna.

I’m more convinced than ever that the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris is the worst-designed airport in the history of mankind. I don’t know what they’re smoking over there, but Air France must have as many buses running people around as they do 747s and 777s. It’s really silly. Some gates are out at satellite buildings in the boondocks, consecutive numbers are nowhere near each other, the buses don’t run on anything approaching a logical schedule or route, and you get scowled at if you attempt something as dumb as trying to remain with your sister in the same terminal when she has a four hour layover and you have a six-hour wait. Anyways, if you’re traveling to Europe, do everythign in your power and then some to avoid CDG in Paris. If you must transit through there, triple all your estimates for connection times.

The sad news is that my grandmother died today, so I will traveling to Atlanta this weekend. More time in the airport, except both LAX and ATL have semi-functional layouts.

Tellico 1.2.6 Released

I’m going on vacation for several weeks, through the end of the month, so I decided to go ahead and tag another release for Tellico with some bug fixes. Download tellico 1.2.6.tar.gz and give it a shot.


  • Fixed intermittent crashing bug when doing updates.
  • Improved update matching for some types of entries.
  • Improved IMDB cast search for TV shows.

Roma, here I come! And Wien and Venezia and Napoli…

Tellico 1.2.5 Released

Here’s another Tellico point release: tellico-1.2.5.tar.gz. The changelog includes:

  • Improved performance for loading large (> 10Mb) images.
  • Fixed another bug with over-writing images on entry update.
  • Fixed crashing bug for some Amazon and Yahoo searches.
  • Updated yahoo audio search webservice url.
  • Updated allocine script (v 0.3), from Mathias Monnerville.
  • Updated Finnish from Teuvo Eloranta.

UPDATE: oops, fixed the download link.

UPDATE 2: if it fails to build for you, try downloading tellico-1.2.5a.tar.gz which is the same source code, with some of the build system regenerated. That will probably fix your problem.

People with double surnames

I had an email question last week about how to enter an author’s name, when the author uses a surname with multiple words. Not hyphenated words, mind you, but multiple words. And it’s not using a suffix like Jr. either. Patrick Guignot is publishing a list of science fiction books and Thierry Di Rollo is the author of several of them.

Tellico has a simplistic algorithm for splitting personal names. After splitting the name by white-space, the last word is the surname, unless it’s in the list of suffixes, in which case, the next to last word is the suffix. But Di Rollo is evidently the complete surname. Putting Rollo in the list of suffixes won’t do since Tellico adds a comma there.

So the solution is to enter his name as Di Rollo, Thierry. That lets Tellico know that the name is already formatted, and no further processing is done. Admittedly, that’s a bit of a hack, but hey. Seems to work ok.

Just so you know…

Project Valour – Army Strong!

My brother graduated from Army Basic training last week. Well, it was Basic and Advanced something or ‘nother (ASIT). I thought NASA used a lot of acronyms, the military is a whole new world. Anyways, so the family was down at Fort Benning. Very impressive stuff. We didn’t get to see any tanks drive around, but two Bradley APCs did show up at graduation.

I’m very proud of my brother. He got his infantry cord, and is reporting to Airborne training soon. He got a college degree before signing up, one of 11 in his company of 230+ to do that, so he’s certainly not one of the uneducated targets of Senator Kerry. It was quite a sight to see some of the infantry’s training ground. It’s amazing what they can do to a recruit in 14 weeks. My brother is an awesome soldier, and looks great in his beret and class A uniform. I couldn’t stop grinning!

I also just donated to Project Valour, on the part of the Army Blackfive team, of course. That’s why that donation badge is showing up on the main page.