Tellico 1.2.4 Released

Tellico 1.2.4 is available, with a few bug-fixes and performance improvements.

  • Improved performance on loading and unloading collection files
  • Fixed bug with Internet search dialog showing data sources for all types
  • Fixed bug with overwriting images when updating entries.
  • Fixed off-by-one error in file listing volume name, suse bug #207685
  • Updated script
  • Updated Nintendo Revolution to Nintendo Wii in game collection

Will Stephenson thinks I'm insane

OK, not really, just my code. I couldn’t resist a catchy title, though. But I am going to consider this a badge of honor. A Suse user reported an off-by-one bug in Tellico, and Will Stephenson sent me an email about it, with the short patch. Yes, that Will Stephenson, he of Kopete fame.

Coincidently, Google Code Search was announce today, so I immediately looked up the code for grabbing the volume name from a device node. The name is 32 bytes from a 32808 offset, I think, for both udf and iso9660 filesystems, which is what Tellico reads.

Admittedly, looping 32808 times around getch() was stupid. QFile can’t seek on the device node, for some reason. And now that I’ve come to my senses, using fseek(...) is the easy thing to do.

KDE 4 will let me remove my crazy and insane code and use Solid instead, which will make the world a much better place, to be sure.