Tellico 1.1.5 Released

Here’s a rare mid-week update for Tellico, version 1.1.5. I had some time tonight, and I wanted to make some of the latest bug-fixes availables, so here you go.

  • Fixed bug with writing too many temporary image files.
  • Fixed bug in multiple ISBN search for z39.50.
  • Fixed “disappearing paragraph” bug in Fancy template.
  • Fixed name ordering for IBS searching.
  • Added “Xbox 360” to game searching.
  • Fixed crashing bug when deleting and re-adding fields by same name.
  • Fixed HTML decoding bug in IMDb plot summary.
  • Fixed bug that re-created default fields when adding search results.
  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Alejandro Hamann and Quique.
  • Changed CD-Text support to Linux-only, since it doesn’t actually work on
    other platforms.

JPL Head Cast for 'Beyond'

I saw this mentioned on our internal newsboard yesterday:

Recently one actor passed on the lead role in a one-hour Fox drama, and another actor took the gig.

There’s nothing remarkable about that, except that the first actor is white, and the second actor is black.

And that’s exactly how it should be, according to Adrian Lester, the black actor from England who just took the lead role in the Fox sci-fi pilot “Beyond,” in which he’ll play the head of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Three black men take the lead… [Chicago Tribune]

Maybe I need to add a category just for Beyond.

Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

Filming for the pilot episode of the TV show, Beyond, set at a pseudo-JPL, took place at CalPoly this weekend.

I think the filming was mentioned in the April 11 edition of the paper. Since the small note on the home page will likely expire in a couple of days, I’ll copy most of the note:

rocket propulsion lab

A prop covers the Voohis Park sign on Saturday and Sunday during the filming of the pilot episode for “Beyond,”a new sci-fi TV show on Fox. The fourth floor of the CLA building, the inside of the engineering building and several streets around campus were used as locations…

Just as Numb3rs takes place at the fictional Southern California technical university (CalSci), it appears from the photo that JPL gets renamed the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory. Actually, that’s probably a better name, considering that it’s been several decades since we actually did any jet propulsion…

Updated Screenshots

Carsten Niehaus posted an article on the Dot about some updated applications for KDE, in the interim between KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.0. He does mention Tellico, as well.

He’d emailed me last week to ask if I would update the Tellico screenshots to show version 1.1. I meant to get to it this weekend, but I ended up driving to Las Vegas instead, to meet a friend of mine. Needless to say, that left with neither the time nor the energy to do much hacking this weekend. But I did just update the main window screenshot, and add the shot of the Berean Curves template.

The article is nice, though the comments are, so far, much about amaroK’s icon theme. Tellico’s homepage got a lot of hits today so far, but not much of a blip on the download counter. Tellico 1.1.4 has been downloaded about 450 times so far, in the week since I released it.

Casting for Beyond

Susan Kitchens is a much better writer than I am. Where I just spewed a bunch of thoughts last week about the JPL-based TV show, Beyond, she went and wrote a much more coherent post about it. She also caught something I didn’t, more details about the casting. Here are some excerpts

Luther: 30’s, German Male with a German accent. This nerdy German technician in surgical attire explains a critical problem with the engine assembly. Must have a German accent.

Babe: 20’s, Caucasian Female. Hot and sexy, this young woman makes out with Matt at the observatory. No rocket scientist, she puts Matt off with her prosaic response to the cosmos.

Astrophysicist #1: 50’s, Male, Any Ethnicities. Bearded, professor-type. This astrophysicist confers with Morris about a fireball that was reported some time ago.

Amber: Late 20’s, African-American. A daily guard at the JPL gate.

My Entertainment World

That links to the Google cache of the page, since it seems like they scroll off monthly and I couldn’t find a permanent link.

Just in case anyone is wondering, a prosaic response to the cosmos is a big turn-off for me, so the next time I make out with a Babe at the observatory, I’ll be looking for one with a more, umm, non-prosaic response.

And a German tech? That makes it sound like a VW or BMW car commerical. Ja, der engine ist critical!

And I’m much relieved to see that the JPL security guards are represented. That means someone actually might be paying attention to what actually goes on at the Lab. We can only hope…

Tellico 1.1.4 Released

Tellico 1.1.4 is available.

  • Fixed bug that prevented XSLT files with spaces or other non-encoded characters from being opened.
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly setting document as modified when loading images.
  • Fixed bug with loading loans for entries with non-consecutive ids.
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when changing grouping options for some fields, thanks to Petri Damstén for many backtraces.
  • Fixed bug that prevented files saved with versions < 0.8 from being opened.
  • Fixed image fetching for IBS.
  • Fixed compilation for SDK 2.0.2.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Mathias Monnerville and Regis Boudin.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.