More Walters and the Gilmore Girls

Yahoo! Sports – NCAA Football – Revenge of the shark-jumpers

What’s weirder, former 98 Degrees lead singer Nick Lachey appearing on College GameDay or former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach appearing regularly on Gilmore Girls? (obligatory reference to the Gilmore Girls, a show, by the way, that Esquire just named “The Best Show on TV for Men”; I feel as vindicated as Clausen. Now, if we can only get Lauren Graham to appear regularly on College GameDay, how cool would that be?)

Well, Mr. Walters, that would be extremely cool. It would probably be enough to get me to subscribe to cable.

And no, I am not jumping on the Rory Gilmore sex boat meme…

Tellico: An Important Part of SuSE 10.0

Het Computerwinkeltje seems to consider Tellico to be a major component of SuSE 10.0. The store lists important updates as:

  • Desktop environments: GNOME 2.12
  • System components: GCC 4.0, XEN 3
  • Office Software: 2.0, Beagle
  • Internet and E-mail: Opera 8 with integrated Bittorrent client
  • Security: snort 2.3.3, intrusion detection
  • Databases: Tellico, simple graphical database made for home use [not new, but very good and never promoted] (emphasis mine)

Tellico 1.0.1 Released

Tellico 1.0.1 is available. It has a week and half’s worth of minor bug-fixes. The crashing when selecting certain groups or modifying filters is fixed. Audio file metadata for compilation albums is now properly added. Icon sizing is correct in the config dialog, and bibtex files encoded in utf-8 are loaded correctly. In addition, Karl Ove Hufthammer. contributed a Norwegian Nynorsk translation.

Tellico Reviewed in Linux+ Magazine

The September issue of Linux+ Magazine has a two-page review of Tellico, and I just received the copy I ordered. The included DVDs also contain the Tellico source code. This is the first time Tellico has gotten mentioned on a CD or DVD itself!

My French isn’t perfect, but I was able to read the complete article. The reviewer focused on a music collection, but paid fair attention to the other types of collections that Tellico supports. Like every other article, the first third is taken up with downloading and installing the program. He goes on to mention downloading data from Amazon and IMDb, along with grabbing cover images. The two import/export formats that get mentioned are Alexandria and Bibtex. The review closes with:

Le concepteur a vraiment tout fait pour que les utilisateurs du programme travaillent le moins possible tout en offrant le plus de bénéfices possible. Et c’est cela, le but.

If I have my French right, that means The programmer really did everything to allow the users to work as little as possible while providing as many benefits as possible. And that’s the real goal.

John Walters watches Gilmore Girls

I’m planning to go over and watch Gilmore Girls tomorrow evening with some friends of mine. We’ll probably drink some wine I got in France last month, and eat some Finnish chocolate that a friend gave me. I’m not sure that I won’t be the only guy there.

But that’s ok, in more ways than one. I discovered today that John Walters, of happens to watch Gilmore Girls, too. Evidence: his article at Yahoo! called Yahoo! Cool Hand on the remote

Commercial: I don’t like those kids in the Polo commercial. Something tells me that their school has a crappy football team. They look like the kind of punks who would sway Rory Gilmore into stealing a boat and taking it out on a joyride.

Bad Logan, bad…and did anyone else wonder last week if Luke would ever kiss his fiancee? It took him forever! Best line of the show: Real men don’t drink Zima!

Tellico 1.0 Released

Finally, I’m ready to tag and bag Tellico 1.0! Download it now! Some updates since 1.0pre2 include:

  • Polish translation from Marek Janukowicz
  • More documentation updates
  • Bug fix for searching using external scripts in $HOME
  • Dynamically-resized table columns, patch from Nix
  • Bug fix for exporting music collections to HTML

Tellico is a general collection for the K Desktop Environment. For a full list of changes since the last major release, 0.13.8, see the changelog.

More on GCFilms and Tellico

After seeing my post about importing or searching GCFilms data from within Tellico, the lead developer, Tian, emailed me to say that he’d just recently added plugins for GCFilms to import and export Tellico data. That’s great! Interoperability is always a good thing.

To test the GCFilms capability, you’ll need to download the current CVS version, but I figure it’ll be in the next release. As for Tellico, since I’m about to release 1.0, I’m in a self-imposed string freeze. As soon as that’s done, I’ll add the GCFilms import and export inside the app itself.

Being out of the country

It’s rather odd to be out of the country when something major is happening in your home state. I was in Europe for two weeks and just got back this weekend. Hearing about Katrina through European media was much different than getting home and actually understanding how devastating it really was. Europe is more focused on apartment fires in Paris, EU-China textile trade wars, German elections, and avian flu, which put Katrina as page 5 news.

Most of my family is scattered around the South, and they’re all alright. I had some cousins who did lose their homes in southern Mississippi, but they were able to evacuate safely.

I seem to have a knack for missing major events, though. I was in Strasbourg and Prague during the 2000 presidential election fiasco, and in Toulouse during the Oklahoma City bombing. I was also in Strasbourg during the 2000 Olympics, which means I got to enjoy them through non-American television!