Tellico and reading GCFilms data

Someone on the Tellico mailing list recently asked about importing data from GCFilms. I got curious tonight, so I hacked together a combination of GCFilm’s data reader and Heikki Lehväslaiho’s to write a perl script that reads the gcfilms database and outputs a Tellico data file. My perl skills are extremely limited, and it’s a very ugly script, but it seems to work on the small GCFilms file I just made. You can download gcfilms_convert yourself and give it a shot if you’re curious. Make it executable, run it, and redirect the output to a file, then load that file in Tellico.

Also to demonstrate Tellico’s new ability to import results from an external script, you could also download a slightly modified gcfilms_fetch, and then create a new external application data source in Tellico 1.0pre2, using that file as the application, and just putting %1 as the arguments. The collection type would be video.


Then you can actually search your GCFilms database as a data source! One caveat, I just fixed a bug in Tellico 1.0pre2 that prevents the script from running if it’s in your $HOME directory. Dumb, I know, but I just figured that out. So either put it somewhere else, or grab the source from SVN.

Tellico 1.0pre2 Released

There is one more pre-release for Tellico before the big 1.0. Download Tellico 1.0pre2 and let me know about any nagging irritations or bugs that you have!

Some changes since 1.0pre1 include:

  • Fixed crashing bug when closing Collection Fields dialog
  • Fixed incorrect rating widget numbering
  • Documentation updates
  • Status messages in the Internet Search dialog are properly queued
  • Compilation fixes for 64-bit, and when not using libkcddb
  • Improved HTML export and Group Summary report
  • Updated shortcut keys
  • New entries are auto-selected in Entry Editor when adding from Internet
  • Audio file metadata album matching is case-insensitive
  • Changed configure flags to be consistent
  • Changed Report dialog to only show filtered entries
  • Changed labels to be left-aligned to match KDE HIG
  • Dutch and Finnish translation updates

I’ll be on vacation for about the next two weeks, and I’ll be out of email touch. I’ll catch up on everything when I get back, and then put out Tellico 1.0 with great fanfare. Or at least, I’ll have a nice glass of wine when I do.

Tellico::Collector's Item

Tellico is reviewed in the August issue of Linux Magazine, the UK Linux Magazine, not the US one. I ordered a copy, and from the reading, it appears to be a translation of a review that appeared in the July issue of the German-language LinuxUser. I can tell that because the menu items seem to have been translated and re-translated.

The review is nicely in-depth, with several screenshots. The article header is superposed over a photo of a pile of stamps, which looks very cool. The reviewer focused on general usage, such as data entry, searching, importing and exporting, whereas other reviews have focused on downloading data from the Internet, which only gets a cursory mention in the Linux Magazine article. The HTML export gets high marks, and Tellico’s configurability is mentioned repeatedly.

The review concludes with:

Tellico is a stable program that is easy to use. It is suitable for any kind of data collection that does not need to support simultaneous access by multiple users and does not have a particularly complex structure. Our test, which imported a literature database with over 3,000 records from a CSV file, also demonstrates that the program can handle larger files without any trouble. Running on a 1 GHz machine, Tellico imported the data in less than ten seconds.

Thanks to Frank Wieduwilt for the nice review!

Tellico's new collection reports

Tellico 1.0 will have a Report Dialog, which generates different collection reports for the current data file, using XSL templates. I’m still tweaking them a bit, but here are some samples:

  • Title List – just the simple titles
  • Column View – the standard column view as currently shown in the window
  • Group View – column view with entries grouped by current group field
  • Group Summary – summarizing the top values for each group. (This one takes a while to generate, I’m still trying to improve it)
  • Image List – large cover image, with short summaries

They are generated within Tellico, but can be printed or exported.


For all those people who email me and ask why Tellico doesn’t open and save bibtex files directly, instead of having to import and export them, you now have another alternative for KDE. KBibTeX was released last week, and it looks like it fills the niche that Tellico doesn’t, in the KDE arsenal.

Tellico 1.0pre1 Released

I’ve just put together a pre-release of Tellico, 1.0pre1. I guess it’s a beta, really, but I’m just calling it a pre-release. I would appreciate any feedback that folks are willing to give after trying it out. Also, if anyone is willing to provide updated translations, I consider this a string-freeze, too. Feel free to grab the tellico.pot file and email me updated po files.

ec4e71a4bb3db08a4b777410d25659c8  tellico-1.0pre1.tar.gz

First, the document schema has changed, so please backup your data files. Previous versions of Tellico will refuse to load data files that have been saved with this version. Some of the new features are:

  • New video game collection template
  • Searching UNIMARC z39.50 databases
  • Loans and borrowing with korganizer integration for KDE 3.4
  • Collection reports, which can be printed or saved
  • Saved collection filters
  • “On-demand” image loading, which should decrease memory usage
    significantly for large collections
  • Limited undo/redo support
  • DCOP interface
  • PubMed searching
  • CDDB cache files import
  • ONIX export
  • Searching using external scripts or applications

I’ll probably give this a couple of weeks to gel, then see about releasing version 1.0. I need to update the docs further, and do some refining on some of the stylesheets, too.